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Edenbridge Accident Repair Centre, Enterprise Way, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 6HF

Meet the team

Meet the Owner

Joe is passionate about getting the industry to wrestle control of its own destiny back from the insurance Companies. He feels this erosion of independence has contributed to a reduction in the quality of work being undertaken and the decline in fortunes for individual bodyshops.

To counter this position he announced in 2001 that he was moving away from relying on the insurance Companies to be the sole work provider and was going to forge direct B2B relationships by offering Fleet decision makers something of tangible quantifiable benefit.

The rest of the industry thought he was mad.

Today EARG are one of the fastest growing Companies in our industry, not through acquisition but by offering a unique innovative range of services, which has justified Joe’s original beliefs. 

Joe plays an active role in supporting the trade association by representing for many years Kent and the South East on the VBRA (The Vehicle Builders and Repairers Association) National Repairs” and NAB (National Association of Bodyshops).

Joe now is an active member of the executive committee of the new National Builders Repairers Association (NBRA) which sit four times a year.

Outside of work Joe is a keen squash player and cyclist.

All of the team at EARG share our core principles of professionalism, efficiency and ethics, meaning your experience with EARG will be both enjoyable and refreshingly different when compared with other repairers.

The team spirit within the organisation is outstanding with a simple no nonsense, no ivory towers management policy, which means everybody feels highly valued and knows their role in the delivery of our unique service.

Our stated objective is to give the customer a Refreshingly Different experience in resolving what is very often an annoying and unwanted situation. We feel we not only achieve this objective, but also make every interaction with EARG, be it a with driver, member of the incident team or anyone else, something that makes the day a little better.

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Bodyshop Manager


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Claims Manager


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Resources Manager


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Quality Manager


For more information about our accident repair or accident management services, contact us now on 0800 975 6878

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Customer Reviews

“Edenbridge have always delivered against our expectations. However weird or wonderful the project is !

When one of our clients asks for some sort of large vehicle customisation, we know that when we pick up the phone to Edenbridge we will always find a solution working together”

– Gary Parker, MD, Racoon Creative Brand Creations
Customer Reviews

“Wherever our drivers are in the UK, Edenbridge always get them back doing what they should be doing as quickly as possible. They also work with us to ensure notification targets introduced by our insurer are achieved”

– Terry Dunn, Transport Manager, PTSG
Customer Reviews

Having worked with FleetCare for over 10 years I am happy to report that our clients have always been impressed with the service they have received from Joe and his team. It is a fast, efficient and hassle free accident management service with vehicle repairs undertaken to the highest standard.

– Richard Lympany, MD, Absolute Insurance Brokers Limited
Customer Reviews

Day and Night our drivers are never stranded, FleetCare gets them back on the road within hours and gets the repair sorted out in a quickly and without bother.

– Richard Montgomery, Transport Manager, Ward Security
Customer Reviews

Third Party intervention is great, this year FleetCare was able to intervene in all but three of at fault accidents meaning our premiums are kept to a minimum.

– Chris Felstead, Parker Building Supplies