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Edenbridge Accident Repair Centre, Enterprise Way, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 6HF


Do I have to use my insurers preferred or approved repairer?

As a fleet operator YOU make all the decisions that affect your business including when and who repairs your company vehicles. You are entitled to use the insurers option but under NO obligation to do so. This also applies to private individuals as well.

What Insurance companies do you work with?

We work with all UK based Motor insurers and we only need your instructions to them to allow us to discuss your claim with them.

What repair standards and guarantees do you have?

The highest repair standard in the UK is currently British Standard BS10125 which started its life in 2007 as P.A.S. 125 and we achieved that standard and have maintained it since 2007.

All of our repairs are Guaranteed for twenty four months or 24000 miles and for our Fleetcare Solutions customers repairs are guaranteed for their entire ownership of that vehicle.

Am I entitled to a courtesy vehicle?

Subject to availability, we can provide any replacement vehicle from a small hatchback car to a high top, long wheelbase 3.5T Light Commercial Vehicle for any repair.

What if my vehicle is a lease vehicle?

If you have a lease vehicle or contract hire vehicle you will have to insure it yourself and return it after the contract in good condition, so any accidental damage will need to repaired by yourself or a claim made on your insurance in the normal way.

What if my car is undrivable?

You can call us from the scene of an accident 24/7 and our team will be able to arrange roadside recovery and a replacement vehicle and set up a new claim with your insurers to pay for all your accident repairs.

Do I have to claim on my own insurance if it’s not my fault?

 If the third party insurer accepts liability in time for your scheduled repair date then our claims team will direct you claim to them in the first instance to avoid a claim on your policy, however if there’s a delay you may need to claim on your own policy and wait until your insurer makes a full recovery to reclaim your insurance excess payment.

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