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Edenbridge Accident Repair Centre, Enterprise Way, Edenbridge, Kent, TN8 6HF

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    Sometimes we get some strange requests………..!

    With the state of art facilities at Edenbridge, we are no strangers to working with brand management and marketing Companies in providing solutions to vehicle customisations and assisting in the production of large event merchandise.

    The pictures on this page show some of the weird and wonderful projects we have been involved in……

    The first image shows the customisation we were asked to do make a modern vehicle look like a fifties beer lorry  ‘throwback’; the continental design of the vehicle intended to reflect the continental taste of the beer.

    The second image was a personal project for a guitarist in a famous rock band, which resembles the front of one of their famous albums, see if you can guess who….

    And the third…. I really have no idea !

    If your Company is looking for a partner to help create and produce large scale promotional items, then contact our bodyshop manager and Director sam@earc.co.uk to discuss your needs

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    Customer Reviews

    “Edenbridge have always delivered against our expectations. However weird or wonderful the project is !

    When one of our clients asks for some sort of large vehicle customisation, we know that when we pick up the phone to Edenbridge we will always find a solution working together”

    – Gary Parker, MD, Racoon Creative Brand Creations
    Customer Reviews

    “Wherever our drivers are in the UK, Edenbridge always get them back doing what they should be doing as quickly as possible. They also work with us to ensure notification targets introduced by our insurer are achieved”

    – Terry Dunn, Transport Manager, PTSG
    Customer Reviews

    Having worked with FleetCare for over 10 years I am happy to report that our clients have always been impressed with the service they have received from Joe and his team. It is a fast, efficient and hassle free accident management service with vehicle repairs undertaken to the highest standard.

    – Richard Lympany, MD, Absolute Insurance Brokers Limited